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Alden, A New Kind of Artist

Alden is a professional recording poet, revolutionizing Spoken Word in the music industry. Follow her journey @aldengilbertofficial on Instagram, purchase her merchandise, and look out for her upcoming single to witness and support the rebirth of an underrated genre.

Falling Under is Alden's debut single, releasing to streaming services worldwide at the beginning of the new year. "My value is not defined by your perception. My story is broad and you know only what I want or the pieces you were gifted without my permission, but how dare you judge a story that isn't even finished?" Only now writing the beginning of her story, Alden continues to prove that it's not finished yet despite the doubtful questions and lack of confidence she is used to receiving in regards to her art. Living in the world between poetry and music, Alden desperately forces 2-dimensional art into headphones in an attempt to make her emotions more tangible for others. Paper cannot accurately depict the level of emotion in her compositions, and standard music could never swallow the number of words she's holding back. Alden starts in the studio with vocals, then uses a combination of tailored music and unconsidered sound effects to give her tracks this unique and borderline interactive feel. Unlike with many artists, her goal is not to make you fall in love with her. Heck, she's not even trying to change the world. Alden wants you to embrace your inner poet, listen, and question absolutely everything that you believe in. Alden's art exists as a stepping stone to deeper thinking.

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